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Beuchat is first of all the story of an encounter between a man and the sea and that of a desire to offer as many people as possible the possibility of experiencing unique moments of exploration! This passion has remained anchored in the body of the company's employees since its creation. A history punctuated with innovations, discoveries, encounters and which now applies to all underwater and aquatic sports, from the most athletic to the most family-friendly.


Our values ​​are an intangible and fundamental component of our DNA. They are inscribed in the depths of our brand and constitute a guide for each of our actions whether it is a question of designing products or of committing ourselves to preserving the sea.

They also forge, within Beuchat, our desire to do everything possible so that our customers have the feeling of having a company and its products at their side everywhere and in all conditions, with the prospect of fully benefiting from and preserving an essential element of life on earth: the oceans.


Innovation is a founding value of the Beuchat brand. Its creator, Georges Beuchat, was a tireless inventor who made the eponymous brand a pioneering company in underwater activities with two major inventions: the speargun in 1947 and the isothermal diving suit in 1953. The latter represents a veritable revolution that has enabled the development of all underwater activities and has laid the foundations that make Beuchat the current reference in thermal protection.

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