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VX 10 Iceberg Black Din


Cold type expansion valve

Overcompensated diaphragm first stage with 360° rotating turret, fitted with a finned metal cover to increase resistance to icing in extreme situations, black chrome plating

4 MP 3/8'' outputs on turret, 1 MP 3/8'' in line and 2 HP 7/16'' outputs

Compensated second stage with adjustable sensitivity and Venturi

Front cover in black anodized aluminum

Large exhalation valve to increase exhalation comfort

Large exhalation deflector in soft elastomer material to release bubbles from the face

Delivered with its carrying bag

Individually tested and adjusted on a specialized hyperbaric bench


Use                                          Air

1st Stage                                 Membrane

Compensated                          ✔ (Overcompensated)

Anti-Frost                                  BEUCHAT

360° rotating turret                    ✔

SuperSoft Braided MP Hose     ✔

MP outputs                               5 (including 1 online)

Loudspeaker outputs               2 Connection

Bracket                                     230B - DIN 230/300B

2nd Compensated Floor          ✔

Adjustable venturi                    ✔

Breathing effort adjustment      ✔

Weight DIN (gr)                       1220

Caliper weight (gr)                   1375

Standard                                  EN 250-2014




Made in France


Transportation            1.1

Manufacturing            1.2

Use                                0

Logistics                     0.8

TOTAL               3.1

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