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Created in 2019 by Gaelle Delore, Didier Mattalia and three other partners, all passionate about board sports. The first authentic BrandZ model, called “BZ #44” appeared in 2020 in a Marseille store.


The brand was then called the ZB Company.


Since its creation, BrandZ has created unprecedented enthusiasm among a growing community of skaters. BrandZ shoes become the symbol of a generation, their models no longer proliferate only in skate parks, but also in the streets, high schools and colleges. The simple shoe becomes a phenomenon equaling the “All star” model of Converse.


BrandZ creates simple shoe models with endless combinations of patterns and colors. The concept is also simple: durable, quite elegant and comfortable sports shoes.


After the creation of his company and his factory in Marseille, Gaelle Delore targeted the skateboarding market at the time in full expansion. Little by little, thanks to the manufacture of boards and shoes, BrandZ is creating a good reputation with its new audience. Soon, BrandZ touches all that is assembled on wheels, as well as the rollers as the skateboard without forgetting the BMX.

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