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The genesis of Trust-Place ...

Today, eco-responsibility is becoming a central issue for society, and our behavior is changing. We no longer buy to keep, but to use, enjoy, show - in the city or on social networks -, then to resell and reinvest in something else.


This is how the second-hand market and the circular economy are developing very strongly. But paradoxically, this market remains hampered by problems linked to its current ecosystem.

Indeed, when we want to buy articles of a certain value, we always wonder if these products will be really authentic ...


Invest several hundred euros in a bag, sneakers or a Branded jacket, and realize that it is a forgery, although having a certification document, is extremely frustrating!

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Yet this is far from anecdotal. Even if today 60% of luxury or high-end items have a unique identification, this is not enough: 37% of online consumers have already bought counterfeit products without their knowledge. And if e-commerce is booming, you should know that counterfeiting is increasing 3 times faster than the growth of this sector! The seller is also penalized, with commissions taken by the current second-hand ecosystem which strongly affects its resale power (from 25% to 40%) without guaranteeing to avoid counterfeits!

Finally, the Brands themselves are affected. They have no visibility or control over this second-hand market, unable to transmit their universe, their passion, or their standards to customers who buy their products, but whom they do not know ... image is directly affected during counterfeiting. All these problems limit and still slow down the development of this circular economy.

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This is why Trust-Place has created a platform that allows Brands to create and manage "Digital Certificates of Ownership" from the outset of the sale.

This real "digital passport life book" of the article can be transmitted in a dematerialized and forgery-proof way from application to application (Trust-Place or that of the brand), by resellers, or directly between individuals on the second-hand market. hand.


We thus restore total confidence to the buyer by maximizing the seller's profits, while allowing the Brand to transmit to all its customers - including those it did not know - the passion around its product, its values. , as well as new personalized services.

Our mission...

We allow Brands to authenticate the item with a digital certificate of ownership, which protects its value, shares its history, and facilitates its transmission with confidence

We thus create a unique, dynamic and endless link between brands, their products and all their customers…

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More than 10 years of experience serving Brands and Consumers in the Luxury and Fashion industry ...

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Gaelle DELORE and Didier MATTALIA, the two co-founders of Trust-Place, have spent more than 10 years creating new business models, innovating and revolutionizing the fashion and luxury industry.

Together, they were the pioneers in the authentication and traceability of Luxury items by Radiofrequency, in particular thanks to NFC technology. By deploying IoT platforms within the largest French and European brands, they have also changed the paradigm of data collection and analysis throughout the upstream part of the distribution circuit, thus creating new services and new pockets of value. for Brands.


Having had the chance to reflect on the next strategic issues together with the executives and operational staff of these Houses, it was only natural that Trust-Place was created, in order to deliver a new generation of secure after-sales traceability platform.


Our values

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Transmit excellence and emotion through an item that has its own identity, its own history

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Offer full transparency, a guarantee of responsibility and provenance, as well as security, authenticity, and inviolability, thanks to a state of the art blockchain, while respecting confidentiality and carbon neutrality ...

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Make technical complexity invisible. An easy-to-use product, both for the brand and its customers

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Establish a long-term relationship with the item, with our customers, respecting the planet…