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"Trust-Place allows Brands to create and manage the identity and digital ownership of their products

all along their life(s) ... "

"We thus create a unique, dynamic and timeless link between the Brands, their products, and all their customers ..."

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"Welcome to the era of digital ownership"

We want to respond with Trust-Place to one of the critical issues for Brands today: the traceability of items after the first sale does not exist. This creates major problems, both for Brands, who do not know a very large part of their customers, but also for consumers, who lose confidence in the act of purchase with the meteoric rise in counterfeiting, in particular online. 


Digital certificates or e-guarantees have been around for several years now. But the mere notion of authenticity is not enough. Immediate benefits must be brought to both brands and consumers, which make digital certification obvious and motivating.

Gaelle DELORE | CEO Trust-Place

The Brand is at the heart of the project to best meet new consumer demands

Trust-Place gives the means to Brands to regain control of the visibility of the resale market, thanks to a solution integrating mechanisms and tools of the latest generation. The Brand is the only one able to create its certificates at the origin, which can then be transferred from owner to owner, at the rate of the different lifetimes of the product ... And the Brand automatically access this information to bring in consumers in his universe and give them the recognition they ask for.