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"An open, flexible and easy to implement solution to allow Brands to regain control over the life of their products "

A SaaS platform integrating a 3rd generation interoperable Blockchain component, an application and API's that can be easily integrated into the Brand's IT environment, in white label, all with carbon balance.


These are the components of the Trust-Place solution, designed by and for the Brands, in order to meet the challenges of new consumer behavior, and enter a new era of customer acquisition !

"Follow the life cycle of your products and get in touch with all your customers!"

From the creation of the certificate by the Brand, whether the customer is direct or indirect, through the management of the customer / product relationship, to the transfer of the certificate in case of resale or a gift, the Brand has now access to the traceability of its products throughout their lives, and can thus access all of its customers, including those that it does not know today !


The Blockchain?

An interoperable technological component serving use cases for the Brand and its customers ...

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We have chosen to use the Blockchain at its "fair value" in our solution, that is to say limited to the creation and transfer of certificates, which ensures scalability and predictability of costs for our customers.

We have no Blockchain dependency since our platform is agnostic by construction. However, we have strong convictions on the power of public blockchains and on the obligation to ensure carbon neutrality.


Our vision is not to create or impose a "standard" Blockchain for a given industry. On the contrary, we believe that the sense of history goes towards an interoperability of these tools in the future and that it is essential to be open and flexible in our architecture on this point.


We always push back the barriers of counterfeiting by going beyond a simple certificate of authenticity!


Most current digital certificates, or e-guarantees, are based on the unique identifier of the article, whether the latter is an NFC chip, a QR-Code or an engraved number. It is a mandatory element from the moment a Blockchain component is used.

Trust-Place goes beyond this simple identifier by integrating a 3-key algorithm in the creation of the certificate at the origin.


This is particularly important when the unique identifiers are duplicable, such as QR-Codes or visible numbers. We thus push even further the notion of authenticity and the fight against the parallel market or counterfeiting, thus strengthening customer confidence.


A solution that meets the demand and expectations of today's consumers in terms of brand recognition ...


A win-win-win solution!


While the benefits are obvious for the Brands, Trust-Place also makes it possible to meet the expectations of new consumer purchasing behavior.


The first-hand buyer wishing to resell his product (Client A) will be able to maximize his resale power thanks to the certificate.


The second-hand buyer (Customer B) will be able to verify the authenticity before his purchase, while being considered and welcomed in the universe of the Brand!