Born on October 4, 1931 in Kingston upon Thames and died on September 12, 2020, a young designer, he opened the first Habitat store in 1964 in London and thus founded the brand.

Habitat was born out of frustration, that of not being able to sell his creations, refused by the stores of the time, and a conviction that it was possible to offer the greatest number of people a clear improvement in their lifestyle. In the mid-1960s, tastes changed, mores evolved, the first mini-skirt was worn in London, and the new generation dreamed of dressing differently. With Habitat, Terence Conran is revolutionizing the world of decoration and is committed to making design accessible to as many people as possible. In stores, it was not uncommon to come across a member of the Beatles, the royal family or a simple school teacher. The success is immediate and spreads in France and across Europe a decade later.

For having popularized the design in England, he was knighted by the Queen in the 80s and became Sir Terence Conran. Although business life pushes him towards new horizons, he has always remained very attached to the Habitat brand. In 2013, he inaugurated Habitat 1964, a vintage space at the Puces de Saint-Ouen.

Today, the brand is undeniably part of our collective memory, because everyone has owned at least once in their life, a table service, a piece of furniture, a lamp, a Habitat duvet...

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