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Created in 2017, Maison Izard has chosen a local, artisanal creation, respectful of the environment and know-how. With simple and modern clothes and accessories, the Pyrenean brand intends to promote wool from the Pyrenees. Today, this wool of character is too often neglected by the textile industry in favor of less rustic materials, easier to work with, frequently coming from the other side of the world. This natural material, long a symbol and pillar of the Pyrenean economy, nevertheless has unique properties: warm, breathable and resistant.

A few decades ago, wool from the Pyrenees was used by every shepherd family to knit socks and warm sweaters for the winter. Carded, it was used to make blankets or to stuff mattresses. At that time, a whole economy had been created around wool from the Pyrenees until its textile industrialization at the beginning of the 19th century. Faced with increasingly tough national and international competition and the appearance of new synthetic fibers, this industry collapsed during the 20th century. In the Midi-Pyrénées region, in the space of 30 years, 2 out of 3 jobs will disappear in this sector.


Maison Izard has taken up the challenge of contributing to the revitalization of this sector by creating, from wool from the Pyrenees, a yarn that is warm, soft, breathable and comfortable. This was possible by adding other materials such as recycled cotton.


Selected and collected throughout the Pyrenean massif, this wool, once sorted and washed, is spun in the Tarn. No need to go far to find craftsmen, Maison Izard has selected, as close as possible to the Pyrenees, factories with the Living Heritage Company label, recognized for their excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

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