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Sustainability, Benevolence, Reliability, Audacity, Local manufacturing, Practicality are the values that drive the NaïtUp team on a daily basis.

Patrice Brochier (opposite at the École des Mines incubator) and Christian Soteau are two great friends, a self-taught man and an engineer, keen on the outdoors.

As it was a bit painful to go back and forth every night, they imagined a nomadic, simple and original solution to sleep in the middle of their adventure spots: a quick-to-install rooftop tent.

The first in-house models came to life in 2007 and met their first fans.

The NaïtUp brand was created in 2010 by Patrice. The team grew in 2015 with the arrival of Thierry Villères as co-manager who brings his expertise in industrial processes.

Since then, around thirty happy enthusiasts have taken care of the manufacture, sale, distribution, creation of new models and support for the NaïtUpeurs.

Because if your NaïtUp tent is such a well-designed and warm cocoon that follows you in the best of your life, it is precisely thanks to the human values of the team.

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