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The Family


Exclusive ceiling ventilation system: the flexible ceiling opens completely and has a mosquito net lining to protect you from pests. This system makes it possible to completely evacuate the condensation, even in rainy weather! In the sun, the convection system (thanks to the dark shell) allows for permanent air circulation in the tent. This system is offered on all our models.


The cotton canvas provides a feeling of softness and very pleasant comfort. This natural material has exceptional breathability and condensation is extremely rare. This canvas is, however, susceptible to the "wicking" effect. This is a transfer of moisture between the fabric and equipment placed against it. The feeling of humidity to the touch can be disturbing if you are not used to this material.


Our tip: make you sleep in the direction of the car. This gives you a width of 220 cm. The length is 210 cm by 40% and 170 cm by 60%. You can thus make it benefit 2 adults and 3 children.


100% Made in France


Transportation            1.1

Manufacturing            1.2

Use                                0

Logistics                     0.8

TOTAL               3.1

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