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February 2021

Interview of Didier Mattalia in the Belgium economic newspaper "Trends Tendances"

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December 2020

Interview of Gaelle Delore by Jean-Marc Sylvestre on the French TV show "Enjeux & Strategy" on B SMART channel.

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November 2020

The French newspaper "La Provence" is talking about Trust-Place and our Digital Ownership Certificates !

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Another article from Gomet' Media explaining how Trust-Place is digitalizing the authentication of high end and Luxury products !
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Welcome to Palasaña into the Trust-Place Digital Community of Ownership !

High-end shirts with Pima coton of very high quality, bringing the beautiful values of Latin America !

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We are very proud to welcome Noliju into the Digital ownership community !

French sportswear brand for women, No Limit Just You !

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October 2020

Articles (French) from "Les Echos" and "Les Echos - Entrepreneurs"

Luxury: Trust-Place makes product traceability unforgeable !

Trust-Place has developed a digital certificate of ownership, which protects the value of a luxury product and the name of its owner. A new buyer is thus certain of the authenticity of his second-hand purchase, and the brand is informed of the change of customer.

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Articles (French) from "L'Usine Nouvelle"

Trust-Place: digital creation and management of ownership certificates

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BearingPoint and Trust-Place are joining forces to provide a full Digital Ownership Certificates solution in Italy ! Use cases and benefits are already proven for various industries, such as Luxury Brands, Professional Sports Clubs or DNVB. 
Unisciti anche alla comunità digitale !

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September 2020

August 2020

June 2020

Discover how Trust-Place enhance "passion"...

Because customers buy a story before buying a product, beyond authenticityTrust-Place help the Brands to share passion, history, emotion and transparency around their products, through a new and unique communication channel !
Let’s join the community of the digital ownership !


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May 2020

Let's discover how Trust-Place is opening the doors to a new economy !

We authenticate the item with an enhanced certificate of ownership, which protects its value, shares its history, and facilitates its transmission with confidence.

We thus create a unique, new, dynamic and endless bond between brands and all their customers…

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March 2020

That's it ! After few months of product definition, technical development, validation of business and customers processes with our Advisory committee, we are finally starting the first pilots with Luxury Brands !

The "Certification App" is up and running, under white label or Trust-Place native !

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