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AtelierVerde chooses Trust-Place to digitally certify its sustainable luxury bags with NFT passports

Updated: May 6, 2021

Atelier Verde has chosen Trust-Place to set up a brand new offer of digital certificates of ownership (aka "NFT passports"), intended to promote and strengthen the values of the brand among its customers and its community.

Atelier Verde (, the French brand of high-end leather goods, whose particularity is to use and enhance the inner tube of a tractor, has decided to offer a technological innovation - Digital Certificates of Ownership - associated to its products, in order to communicate and share even more their history, their values, and their origin with its customers and its community, in full transparency. For this, Atelier Verde has chosen to use the solution developed by the French startup Trust-Place (, used by more and more brands today. Thus, the brand new collection proposed by its creator, Pauline Come, will offer these unique digital certificates to its customers.

« At Atelier Verde, we do not offer a collection strictly speaking, but unique pieces where every detail is thought out and designed in France with sustainable materials. Our specificity is the recycling of the tractor inner tube” explains Pauline, also co-founder of the brand. "We have very strong and very marked values of quality and the environment, linked to our origins in agriculture and in Mayenne. It was essential for us to combine the notion of "premium" quality with a desire for sustainability which is essential for us.»

Clément Leboullenger, co-founder of Atelier Verde, shares the same values: "The tractor inner tube is a" malleable "material full of resources. Bicycle inner tubes are already used, for example, for bags and in leather goods. But the specificity of the tractor inner tube is already its larger surface ”. For Pauline “this material is also more fun and interesting to work on. For smaller areas, more stitching and assembly, etc. And this material is very malleable, you can really make lots of objects with it, knitting it for example. It was important to us that our customers know the story behind each of our items".

The “Digital Certificate of Ownership” developed by Trust-Place is the key to offering customers security, trust, but also transparency and interactivity. It is the passport that invites the owner of the product into an exclusive and personalized world. Once activated, it becomes the unique and timeless link between the brand, its products and all of its customers. In the event of transmission or resale of the article, the certificate will also evolve with its new owners, and the brand will also be able to welcome them into its universe. As for the product, it will retain its history, but also all of its value.

« Digital certificates have been around for several years" adds Pauline" and we had done a bit of tour with Clément about the different solutions, but the value proposition of the different players was very "technology" oriented, always emphasizing the "Blockchain" aspect, complicated, and limited mainly to the authentication aspect. While clients could register after the fact, this ownership link was not really one. With "native ownership", Trust-Place brings real added value that goes well beyond simple authentication, and which allows the brand to create this link with all its customers, including those it does not know, from the start ».

"The digital certificate was also for us a perfect complement to integrate and communicate around Made in France ”continues Clément. “Providing this guarantee of origin, but also of production that respects the principles of sustainable development was essential for us. Guaranteeing the organic status of the components used, and ensuring that from the production of the raw materials to the production of the finished article, the production processes used are socially responsible and respectful of the environment was a matter of course. Integrated into the Digital Ownership Certificate, this guarantee thus takes on its full meaning and can be shared and explained to the different owner (s) of the product ”.

« We are really very proud to support Atelier Verde in this new innovative project" said Didier Mattalia, co-founder of Trust-Place. “Beyond the 'premium' and qualitative aspect of the products that the brand wants to share, respect for people and nature is at the heart of Atelier Verde's DNA, and we fully adhere to these values. The digital certificates will make it possible to highlight in a personalized way all the efforts made by the brand in terms of creativity, eco-responsibility and transparency for each product purchased. Each customer will be involved and valued through the product they have purchased, and their Certificate, personalized and evolving ".

By welcoming AtelierVerde, we are also strengthening the business model of our platform. In fact, we now count among our customers both Luxury, Premium high-end or DNVB brands, whether they are young in the making, already established, or large. Digital ownership certificates provide them with rapid and quantifiable benefits for each, in terms of acquiring new customers, increased authenticity and ownership, or new targeted communication around the products concerned with their communities”, explains Didier Mattalia.

Each bag certified at Trust-Place has its own identification number, registered in the Trust-Place platform (which is based on a state-of-the-art public Blockchain), allowing it to have a unique digital identity, and which gives access to information such as manufacturers, materials, origin, authenticity, model and instructions that accompany the products throughout their life cycle. This feature allows Atelier Verde customers to track their items, regardless of the origin of the acquisition.

« For some time now, we wanted to combine innovation and passion" explains Pauline" However, very often technology goes against the notion of sustainability. Trust-Place not only has a solution that is easy to understand and implement, but above all they have also integrated the concept of eco-responsibility into their own product. Their entire solution is built with components, Blockchain or platform, which are carbon-balanced and follow the environmental charters in place. And that is good too! »



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