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Humility and solidarity

In these difficult times, getting closer to our values allows us to measure the true meaning of things...

There is a time for everything. We have regularly asked ourselves whether it is relevant to communicate in these difficult times. And on what subjects? All without falling into clumsiness or lack of taste, as can sometimes be the case. We probably asked ourselves this question because we needed to show that we were always present, of course, so as not to be forgotten in this period of doubt. But also because we wanted to try to help, to do something to participate in this fight against this virus, which is hurting populations and the economy, at our humble level of startup.

As in any complicated period, we thought it was important to hold on to the basics, the very foundations of what makes our personality, and what we want to create, of the identity and of the DNA that we want donate to Trust-Place. So we refocused on our values.

There is a time for everything, and in these difficult times, we think that showing humility is important, by telling us that we are very small and very fragile compared to this kind of event, and by putting ourselves in withdrawal, on the contrary, to highlight the true values and real forces of the country today.

These forces are the nursing staff, who fight day and night to save lives, everywhere in France and in the world, at the risk of their own. It is the transporters, who supply the populations, it is the employees of the shops of first necessity, it is the garbage collectors who, even if the streets are deserted, clean them in order to ensure the health balance of our towns and villages … It is also all these Luxury, Industrial or Food groups, which participate in the National effort by financing or manufacturing masks, gel, or hospital outfits.

Please note, we are not neglecting the economic aspect of this crisis and we are preparing for its exit or the “rebound” so much hoped for today: We are continuing our developments, we are refining our product, we are continuing and strengthening our commercial relations with the Brands who trusted us, before but also during this complicated period, we continue to invest… But there is a time for everything. And if these everyday heroes fail, or give up today, the result will only be harder for all of us. Respect, thanks and support seem to us to be a priority.

For all these reasons, we will continue to put them forward and support them, at our humble level, the time it will take to get through this terrible crisis. And even if we are well aware that nothing will ever be the same again, the time for communication will hopefully return soon.

Take care of yourself… Trust-Place



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