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The French brand Noliju innovates by offering its community Digital Certificates of ownership !

Updated: May 6, 2021

Noliju and Trust-Place are very proud to announce a partnership concerning the implementation of Digital Property Certificates, intended to accompany the “Made in France” products of the brand, and to offer even more services and transparency to its community.

Noliju (, the French activewear brand for "daily champions women", strengthens its permanent desire to innovate, and unveils the implementation of brand new digital certificates associated with its products. The brand has decided to trust the French start-up Trust-Place ( to support it in this initiative.

« At Noliju, each activewear item of clothing is designed to meet practical requirements, thanks to technical, comfortable and soft materials, but always emphasizing aesthetics. It was very important for us to continue to share these values with our community, well beyond traditional social networks ”explains Norah Luttway, the founder of the brand.

« All our clothes are designed by a woman for women. And we are seeing that more and more, our community is asking for passion, self-esteem, trust, and transparency. We will be able to go beyond their expectations and offer them all this through a modern and innovative tool: the digital certificate of ownership »

The “digital certificate of ownership” developed by Trust-Place is the key to bringing the owner of the product into an exclusive and personalized world. Once activated, it becomes the unique and timeless link between the brand, its products and all of its customers. Beyond its primary mission of authenticating, certifying and guaranteeing the article, it is the preferred means of communication to transmit passion, history, provenance, and new content or services to its owner. In the event of a gift, transmission or resale of the article, the certificate will also evolve with its new owners, who the brand will also be able to welcome into its universe.

"We are really proud to support Norah and Noliju in this great innovative initiative! » declares Gaelle Delore, CEO of Trust-Place. "It is a pleasure to see dynamic French brands launching into innovation in order to develop. Noliju really cares about the expectations of everyday sportswomen, in terms of well-being, performance and elegance, and the certificate will allow the brand to strengthen this link and this communication with its community! ".

But as Norah reminds us, "Noliju is also an ethical brand and all our products are made from European fabrics and made in Europe. It was very important for us to prove in a transparent, clear and dynamic way the origin of our materials (France, Portugal, Italy), the history of our products, as well as our commitment to always favor a quality ratio of suppliers / short circuits to minimize our carbon footprint ”.

Each Noliju product registered with Trust-Place has its own identification number, stored in a 3rd generation public Blockchain, allowing it to have a unique digital identity, and which gives access to information such as suppliers, materials, origin, the authenticity, the model and the instructions that accompany the products throughout their life cycle. This feature allows Noliju customers to track their items, regardless of the origin of the acquisition.

« From the first discussions with Trust-Place, we immediately understood the "business" issues and the possibilities and benefits available to us thanks to digital certificates. They come from the Luxury and Retail industries, and have the ability to popularize and make understandable by all the innovation and technology aspect. This is extremely valuable for brands whose priority is to focus on the quality of their products and the satisfaction of their users, "continues Norah. “We really believe that we can build an even stronger digital relationship with our community thanks to these certificates. They will very quickly become a safe and fun way to buy, communicate, and share around authentic products and values from the Noliju universe. This is why we have decided to develop all our future Made in France collections with the Trust-Place digital certificate ».

About Trust-Place

At Trust-Place, we value sharing with trust.

Our mission is to help brands authenticate their items with a "digital certificate of ownership", which protects their value, shares their story and facilitates their confident transmission. We thus create a unique, dynamic, dematerialized and timeless secure digital link between brands and all their customers, including those they do not know today (indirect, second-hand ...), while trying to promote the circular economy.

All brands providing valuable items have developed a story and values around their products, which only need to be transmitted, shared and valued with all their customers, in complete transparency. And it's our mission to help them!

About Noliju

Noliju is the new French activewear brand. Coming from the world of running, Noliju offers women of today trendy activewear. Activewear according to Noliju is technical and trendy clothing that allows you to be chic in sport and in the city. You juggle daily with your professional and personal life and your sports session; Noliju now brings you the functional women's activewear outfits that will suit your lifestyle. Thanks to Noliju you can leave the office to run between noon and two or join friends over coffee after your traditional session, proudly facing the gazes of others. With Noliju, be yourself: beautiful and sporty every day!



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