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Nomads Surfing takes the wave of Digital Certification !

The Girondine surf brand is partnering with Trust-Place to equip all its boards with Digital Certificates of Ownership in order to offer even more transparency, authenticity and exclusivity to its entire community!

For all surfers, everywhere in the world, the observation is always the same: in what state is our ocean today? Between the rubbish beaches of Kuta in Bali, or the winter waste of the Aquitaine coast, plastic continues to destroy our ecosystem. It is from this observation that Nomads Surfing was created in 2017 by 3 friends passionate about Surfing, Nicolas Thyebaut, Basile Gentil and Thomas Cervetti. Their ambition: to make Nomads Surfing THE committed surfing brand, offering surfers products with the lowest impact on the environment, while becoming the first eco-responsible alternative to boards made in Asia, which are little or not recyclable.

"The real trigger happened when I met Thomas when we were both expatriates in Malaysia,” says Nicolas Thyebaut. “In Southeast Asia, we literally surf in plastic oceans, when we row on the side of Bali in the rainy season, we can put our hands in the water and recover plastic from the surface. It shocked us. And the surfing industry contributes to this pollution, knowing that the wetsuits and boards come from the petrochemical industry. This is where we wondered how to offer surfers an alternative designed locally, using biosourced materials or from recycled waste".

We had been talking to Trust-Place for some time. They are people passionate about the ocean like us, and we share the same values. Gaelle (Delore, CEO of Trust-Place), is keen on paddleboarding and kite-surfing, and a true lover of the ocean. The current immediately passed. We really wanted to create something together. And then the idea of ​​using their digital property solution germinated little by little on our side. We have decided to take the plunge today with the acceleration of our sales and the presence of our products on the market,” explains Nicolas. “We never imagined this could happen, but we are seeing more and more counterfeits of our products, which are absolutely not manufactured according to our criteria. For example, we have already found counterfeits of our fins on the internet! Nomads Surfing is starting to make a name for itself in the world of surfing, with a truly different image and values, which meet the demands of surfers. Inevitably, some take advantage of it to try to take advantage of it. We had to react and protect our products, our values ​​and our community”.

Concretely, each board is now equipped with a unique QRCode, protected by a layer of resin from its manufacture. The Digital Ownership Certificate is then activated at the time of purchase by integrating the owner's data, regardless of their acquisition channel.

Nomads Surfing has some really great stories to tell around its values ​​and each of its products,” explains Gaelle Delore, co-founder and CEO of Trust-Place. “It is important to highlight them and share them with as many people as possible, to contribute to a real awareness of the health of the oceans. Netflix did this recently with the documentary 'No Mad', which highlights the role of the Bordeaux brand in the conservation of the seabed in the Philippines. From now on, with the Digital Ownership Certificate, each buyer has access to the specific history of each board, its history, its composition, its technicality, its materials, as well as the values ​​that the brand wants to share. Whether the product is purchased directly from Nomads Surfing, or indirectly - from distributors, offered as a gift, or even purchased second-hand - the message is not diluted and remains the same between the brand and its entire community".

Even before entering into this exclusive property relationship, Trust-Place also provides access to the main characteristics of the Nomads Surfing boards at the time of the act of purchase. Information about the product is thus available to everyone, readable by any smartphone, with a simple click.

We are really very proud to accompany Nomads Surfing in this adventure. We totally share their values, and it was important for us to help them protect them, share them, and strengthen and develop this communication and this transparency with their entire community,” concludes Gaelle Delore.

"Indeed, one of our objectives is to reinforce the notion of exclusive communication with our community" continues Nicolas. “Beyond a targeted and personalized relationship now possible, we also want to create ranges of boards in limited series that will reinforce the value and belonging to the brand. Digital certificates will be a perfect vector to create this whole universe around the Nomads community”.



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