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Palasaña, specialist in Pima cotton, chooses Trust-Place to certify its high-end shirts !

Updated: May 6, 2021

Palasaña, the premium Peruvian cotton specialist, innovates by offering its community a brand new service of digital certificates of ownership (aka "NFT passports) !

Palasaña ( has decided to collaborate with the French startup Trust-Place to set up a brand new offer of digital property certificates, intended to promote and strengthen the values of the brand among its customers and of his community.

Indeed, the French manufacturer of 100% sustainable high-end shirts and specialist in Peruvian organic cotton (Pima), has decided to offer a technological innovation, Digital Certificates of Ownership (also known as "NFT passports" -Non-fungible Tokens-), associated with its products, in order to communicate and share even more their history, their values, and their origin with its customers and its community, in full transparency. For this, Palasaña has chosen to use the solution developed by the French startup Trust-Place (, and already used by several brands. Thus, the brand new Fall / Winter 2020 collection will offer these digital certificates to its customers.

« At Palasaña, we have very strong and very marked values of quality and the environment, linked to Latin America, and in particular to Peru" explains Dorian Meunier, co-founder of the brand. "It was essential for us to combine the notion of 'premium' quality with a desire for sustainability which is essential for us. Pima cotton, for example, has been harvested by pre-Columbian peoples for over 4000 years in northern Peru, and more specifically in the Piura region. This cotton is still cultivated today without pesticides and without fertilizers, which makes it an environmentally friendly raw material. The tropical climate, rich soils and the purity of the water, combined with its finesse and length, make it the best cotton in the world. It was essential for us that our customers know the history of each of our items ».

The “Digital Certificate of Ownership” developed by Trust-Place is the key to offering customers security, trust, but also transparency and interactivity. It is the passport that invites the owner of the product into an exclusive and personalized world. Once activated, it becomes the unique and timeless link between the brand, its products and all of its customers. Indeed, in the event of a gift, transmission or resale of the article, the certificate will also evolve with its new owners, whom the brand will also be able to welcome into its universe. As for the product, it will retain its history, but also all of its value.

« The digital certificate was also for us a perfect complement to integrate and communicate around our GOTS label guarantee” continues Dorian. “GOTS certification is the most complete and credible certification system for textile products vis-à-vis the consumer in terms of production that respects the principles of sustainable development. This certification guarantees the organic status of the textile fibers used, and ensures that from the production of the raw materials to the production of the finished article, the production processes used are socially responsible and respectful of the environment. Integrated into the Digital Certificate of Ownership, it thus takes on its full meaning and can be shared and explained to the owner (s) of the product ».

« We are really very proud to support Palasaña in this new innovative project,” said Didier Mattalia, co-founder of Trust-Place.

“Beyond the 'premium' and qualitative aspect of the products that the brand wants to share, respect for people is at the heart of Palasaña's DNA, and we fully adhere to these values. The digital certificates will make it possible to highlight in a personalized way all the efforts made by Palasaña in terms of transparency, such as the working conditions of their contractors in Peru, or the contribution to reforestation and the preservation of the biodiversity of sensitive lands for each product purchased. Each customer will be involved and valued through the product they have purchased, and their Certificate, personalized and evolving».

Each Palasaña product registered with Trust-Place has its own identification number, stored in a 3rd generation public Blockchain, allowing it to have a unique digital identity, and which gives access to information such as manufacturers, materials, origin, the authenticity, the model and the instructions that accompany the products throughout their life cycle. This feature allows Palasaña customers to track their items, regardless of the origin of the acquisition.

« For some time now, we've wanted to combine innovation and passion”, explains Dorian.

“However, many times technology conflicts with the notion of sustainability. Trust-Place not only has a solution that is easy to understand and implement, but above all they have also integrated the concept of eco-responsibility into their own product. For example, the Blockchain they use is the one with the lowest carbon footprint. Their entire solution is built with elements that follow the environmental charters in place. And that is good too! »

About Trust-Place

At Trust-Place, we value sharing with trust.

Our mission is to help brands authenticate their items with a "digital certificate of ownership", which protects their value, shares their story and facilitates their confident transmission. We thus create a unique, dynamic and timeless digital link between brands and all their customers, including those they do not know today (indirect, gifts, second-hand ...), while trying to promote the circular economy. All brands providing valuable items have developed a story and values around their products, which only need to be transmitted, shared and valued with all their customers, in complete transparency. And it's our mission to help them!

About Palasaña

Palasaña’s mission is to promote the know-how and traditions of Latin America, to offer an alternative to fast-fashion by creating a high-end unisex cotton collection unique in the world: Pima cotton. Also concerned about current issues concerning sustainable development, the brand has chosen to develop an organic and GOTS (Global Organic Textil Standard) certified product, part of a reforestation project in the Amazon.



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