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Trust-Place makes its NFT Certificates 100% sustainable !

The French startup is shaking up the small world of Blockchain and pushes its environmental commitment even further by integrating the EcoMatcher service into its Digital Certification solution.

From now, when creating certificates, trees will be planted, individually identified, geolocatable and viewable at any time !

Trust-Place (, the specialist in Digital Certification for Luxury and Fashion Brands, announces today a partnership with the company EcoMatcher (, in order to strengthen its sustainable policy, and to offer new innovative compensation services to its customers. Starting today, every 1,000 certificates created, a tree will be planted, individually identified and viewable at any time !

A revolution in carbon offsetting !

"This is a small revolution in the advancement of carbon offsetting" explains Didier Mattalia, co-founder and Managing Director of Trust-Place. "Planting a tree is nothing new, this process has been around for years and is used by different companies to offset their carbon footprint. But once the action was taken, there was no real way of knowing if the announced quantity of trees had actually been planted, or where, or how".

EcoMatcher allows reforestation organizations to register trees as well as the farmers who planted them. Each tree is photographed, geo-located, dated, and a unique number is assigned to it. They can thus be followed by their owners, who have financed their plantation, by having access to the precise location of their tree, to the farmer who takes care of it, but also by being able to easily share all this information on social networks.

A new unique service for Brands, their employees and their customers!

"The Trust-Place solution was already carbon neutral, in particular thanks to the use in its architecture of a 3rd generation Blockchain, EOS, which is entirely eco-responsible," explains Didier Mattalia. “But we wanted to go even further by offering Brands the possibility of offsetting their own carbon footprint even more while creating digital certificates. These brands will now have the possibility of offering their own customers or employees trees, groves or forests resulting from the Digital Certification, including personalized and identifiable trees. Thus, the fact of being able to follow their evolution and their growth personalizes this act and reinforces the feeling of really acting for the future of the planet”.

Anyone can now track and plant trees seamlessly on their smartphone. Each sponsor can visit virtually every tree and learn more about their origins, evolution and the farmer who takes care of them.

"We are already at a little over a hundred trees planted thanks to the issuance of Trust-Place digital certificates, and this is just the beginning! » concludes Didier Mattalia. "We will double this figure by the end of the year, and we really hope that the Brands will appreciate this new service offered to them, to create new drills all over the world, but also to offer them to their own employees and their customers! It is very important for us to continue to innovate constantly, and we are particularly proud of this new service implemented with EcoMatcher ! "



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