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VARENNA selects Trust-Place to provide Digital Ownership Certificates to their customers

VARENNA, the new Italian Luxury brand of sustainable sport and activewear clothing, has chosen TRUST-PLACE to provide its customers with the latest generation of digital ownership certificates, offering authenticity, transparency and exclusive services.

Milano, July 15th, 2020

TRUST-PLACE is very proud to announce a new digital partnership with Italian Brand of Luxury activewear, VARENNA.

Varenna ( has disclosed today a new digital initiative, with the implementation of “augmented ownership certificates” associated to their products, to insure authenticity, full transparency, transmission as well as interactive services to their customers. They have selected the French based company Trust-Place ( to assist them with this project based on the Trust-Place’s innovative solution and believe this is a disrupter that will provide a competitive edge for their brand and value for their customers.

“Customers today are more and more concerned about sustainability. They expect a true commitment from the brands not to compromise the world we are leaving for the next generations. This has to do with the way retailers produce their garments and the fabrics they use, but also the fact that we need to produce clothes that last longer, and that will be one day recycled to produce new ones. Proving the quality -beyond the “made in Italy”- with Italian fabrics, is for us more than a marketing claim, it is a commitment and a proof of guarantee. Therefore, we needed to ensure trust and transparency, in an inviolable way. We are convinced that by providing the DNA of the article through a unique digital certificate, our customers will have the certainty that they are purchasing what we promise. And, on top of that, we can secure that all our fantasy products are part of a limited edition, a unique handcraft piece.” says Félix de Iturriaga, CEO of Varenna.

“We have decided to work with Trust-Place first of all because they are as passionate as we are. They come from the Luxury industry and know perfectly well what “premiumization” means. We understood each other from the first minute we met. Of course, the quality of the innovative solution they propose, as well as their technology - based on the last generation of public Blockchain, having the lowest carbon emission rate- was just perfect for us” he continues.

The “digital ownership certificate” is the key to bring the product owner into an exclusive and personalized universe. Once activated, it becomes the unique and timeless link between the brand, its products, and all its customers. Beyond its primary mission of authenticating, certifying and guaranteeing the article, it is a unique channel of communication for transmitting passion, history, new interactive content and services to its owner. In case of gift, transmission or resale of the item, the certificate will also evolve with its new owners, which the brand will be able to welcome into its universe.

“At the production level, we create a digital identification for each item” says Olivier Lepoutre, Varenna COO. “This digital identity contains the main information regarding the product, its components, where and how it has been produced, and very soon, even its carbon footprint evolution… This is very innovative! The unique ID allows our customers to transfer the ownership of the smart contract to their own digital wallet”.

Varenna has decided to offer to their customers Trust-Place Digital ownership certificate for 3 main reasons:

  • Fight against counterfeiting,

  • Provide full transparency in their sustainable approach,

  • and guarantee the exclusiveness of their pieces, all through a digital and interactive bond with its community.

“Counterfeiting is a serious issue in the fashion industry, which has contributed to the distrust of online and physical retailers. By using the Trust-Place platform, based on one of the most powerful and secured Public Blockchain,, that stores and exchanges data without the possibility of modifying or corruption, we can address this problem. Varenna provides their brand, with the Trust-Place solution, a trustworthy infrastructure for customers that guarantees the authenticity of their product” says Gaelle Delore, Trust-Place CEO.  “We are really proud to support Varenna in this beautiful and sustainable initiative. On top of securing the value and the authenticity of their products, they care about their customers’ expectations and environment. Each customer will be able to follow the recycling process - it’s so disrupting and exciting! “

Each Varenna product registered on the Trust-Place blockchain has a unique identification number, enabling it to have a unique digital identity, that provides access to information, such as suppliers, materials, origin, authenticity, model, and instructions that stays with the products throughout their lifecycle. This feature gives Varenna’s customers the ability to track their product, no matter the origin of acquisition.

“We believe we can build a stronger digital relationship with our community through the “augmented ownership certificates”, creating a secure and fun way to buy, collect, sell and recycle authentic Varenna products” adds Félix de Iturriaga. “We want to offer our community a way to go beyond simple ownership, to fully enter the exclusivity of the Varenna product universe, and to create a whole new experience for them. Trust-Place understood this perfectly, and that's why we chose them to help us on this adventure”.

About Trust-Place

Our mission is to help brands authenticate their items with an "augmented ownership certificate", which protects their value, shares their history, and facilitates their transmission with trust. We thus create a unique, dynamic and endless digital bond between brands and all their customers, including those they do not know today (indirect, second-hand...), while trying to enhance the circular economy.

Any brands providing valuable items have developed a history and set of values ​​around their products, which only need to be transmitted, shared and valued with all their customers, in complete transparency. We are here to help you achieve that!

About Varenna Fashion

Lake Como is an inspiration for the world’s most famous designers, and with the roots on its silk tradition, its capital city Como has become a reference for prints designers, always leading the latest trends. Varenna is an absolutely charming town, one of those unique places in the World that has inspired us to seek the perfection in the high-end luxury activewear: the attention to details to do the highest technical quality, but, above all, the balance between fashion, Italian heritage and sustainability.

The brand is born from the passion of its founders about fashion, that we believe must be translated to the activewear in an elegant, sophisticated and minimalist way. We did not understand why it was so difficult to feel fashionable and at the same time feel extremely comfortable while practicing Yoga, running or fitness, for instance. Our Vision in Varenna is merging the latest trends with the finest, cutting edge technology, recycled and recyclable Italian fabrics, to create the most sophisticated, made in Italy activewear.



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