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Programmers, hosiers, cutters, embroiderers, linkers, buttonhole makers… These specific trades are no longer learned on school benches, but through experience and practice.

In this family business, these skills, which have become rare, have been preserved and transmitted for more than 70 years like a precious heritage.

To date, fifty people and their expert hands work in our design office and manufacturing workshop located in the west of France to perpetuate the culture of this unique traditional knit.

While the fashion world is running after time and succumbing to a frenzy of (over)production, the collateral effects of which we are discovering, Royal Mer remains faithful to its liberated approach which pays close attention to quality and the requirements it involved.

At each stage of the creation and manufacturing process, our experts and industrial partners know that time is not a constantly optimizable factor, but a necessity to produce high-end clothing and exceptional pieces that will keep their promise of sustainability.

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