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Everything often starts with awareness. Mine was made three years ago, responding to the call of women victims of domestic violence and in particular, going to the trial of Laura Rapp, victim of an attempted murder by her ex-husband. It was July 2, 2019 in the morning. At that moment, I understood that sisterhood should not be just a simple word, but translate into daily actions. I understood that awareness was not a matter of time but a matter of choice.

The story of Sisterhood by Wolinski begins with the meeting with the association Cœurs de Guerrières. Women, mothers, especially former victims of domestic violence, ready to do anything to reach out to those who still need to be helped or saved. I developed Sisterhood by Wolinski with the sole obsession: finding a way to donate financial support in a sustainable way to associations.

Our commitment from day one: every month, all year round, Sisterhood by Wolinski donates €4 to Cœurs de Guerrières and the Women's Foundation on each piece of your order.


At Sisterhood by Wolinski, we are convinced that fashion that makes sense makes it possible to commit to a sustainable and united world. We are convinced that if you reach out to a woman, to a family, one day it is to you that we will reach out.

When, on this site, we speak of "women" and feminism, we are addressing all women, regardless of their way of experiencing the feminine gender, whether they are cisgender or transgender. We obviously do not claim to express ourselves in place of everyone, but we can try to be as inclusive as possible with our clothes.


The evolution of gender in our society is also part of our fight and we try to support the revolution necessary to defend the rights of all minorities.

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