Our solution

Create a unique and  endless bond between the brand, the product, and its owners

An application to create and manage Digital Certificates

Trust-Place allow the Brands to create and manage Digital ownership certificates, either directly with our own application, available on the AppStore, or with their own existing environment, thanks to our public API's.

Brands can then integrate the mechanism of creation into their mobile retail application for their sales associates, but can also create their own Digital wallet into their Customer mobile app, to offer the possibility to their customers to manage their certificates, and create a new personalized channel of communication with them.

Trust-Place application on App Store

Trust-Place public API's

Digital Certificates can then be :

  • Created by the Brand

  • Managed by the customers and by the Brands 

  • Transferred from customer to customer (gift, second-hand, resale...)

The Digital ownership certificate can only be transferred digitally, from application to application (Trust-Place or the Brand application).

During each steps of the process, the Brand will collect the information of the new owner, in the respect of the GDPR, and will be able to welcome him/her in its universe.

A platform designed with the latest technology components

All the information related to the certificates (creation, management, transfer) are stored into the Trust-Place Blockchain-based platform, and the Brand has a dedicated and personalized access to it's premise. 

All the information can be used to feed other systems such as CRM, Clienteling or ERP for actionable KPI's.

Trust-Place solution has been created with the latest technology components, related to security, but also to be eco-friendly with the lowest carbon footprint available today !