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Stella has been an artisanal and French manufacturer of table football since 1928. The presence of our table football in many bars and cafes in the North of France has contributed to building our reputation. The original game style of our foosball tables allows you to enjoy a unique gaming experience. We are committed to perpetuating the tradition to make you relive your emotions of yesteryear by offering you vintage models to the most contemporary.

Innovation is at the center of our concerns to offer you table footballs that can be personalized to your image. Stella, your emotion maker since 1928!

It was on the eve of the Second World War that Auguste Sarrault, the first president of the French Confederation of Automatics, imagined his very first table football. Already at the origin of many games of skill and counter, Mr. Sarrault reached the peak of his art by imagining a mythical table football that will remain forever etched in the memory of players over generations. Its name: the Stella Champion football table.


It was in 1948 that the Champion model experienced the peak of its success. Considered today as a retro football table (this nickname has also become its current name), the latter already had its irreplaceable telescopic steel bars, its famous combination of yellow / red colors, the possibility of playing with the head, of its players with vertical feet equipped with hooves which have always made the happiness of purists.


Its marketing ended in 1959, when it was replaced by its more modern version, the current Champion model. The main evolution comes from the body now in "boat shape".


From 1995, when moving to the Tourcoing workshop, new models appeared. With the ambition to integrate households, more "family" models are emerging in the same way as other models specially dedicated to export. Whether in homes, communities, or bars… in the United States, in Eastern Europe, in Africa, Stella is now everywhere!