Our mission

We allow Brands to authenticate the item with a digital certificate of ownership, which protects its value, shares its history, and facilitates it’s transmission with confidence

We thus create a unique, dynamic and endless bond between brands and all their customers, including those they do not know today (indirect, second-hand…)


Customer’s expectations are changing…

A revolution is happening

Key words for them are now trust, sustainability, transparency, digital & personalized experiences.

The notion of ownership is also evolving : they do not buy for ever anymore but to enjoy, to show, to resell and to reinvest, enhancing the circular economy …

From their side, Brands do not know a huge part 

of their customers...

In average, over 50% of the global  sales for desirable items are done indirectly, by wholesalers, department stores or other third parties. 

As an example, Luxury resale market is representing today 15% of the total resale market.

Brands don't know them, and are not able to control the items prices and authenticity on these network. They are not able neither to share their universe and experience standards...

 ...and customers are losing trust, passion, and reselling power with today's alternatives...

...and from their side, despite the growth of the resale market, consumers still don't have 100% trust in what they purchase, are not entering into the Brands universe, and get limited rewards on what they sell with the existing alternatives today...

But because the resale market is in very strong growth, it generates  the same growth on counterfeited items, impacting directly customers trust and Brand image 

Existing issues and problems are then enhanced.


The only way for the consumer to be 100% sure to purchase a real and genuine item is to do it directly from the Brand.


Our vision

"We value sharing with trust"


Our values


Transmit excellence and emotion through an item that has its own identity, its own history


Offer full transparency, a guarantee of responsibility and provenance, as well as security, authenticity, and inviolability, thanks to a state of the art blockchain, while respecting confidentiality and carbon neutrality ...


Make technical complexity invisible. An easy-to-use product, both for the brand and its customers


Establish a long-term relationship with the item, with our customers, respecting the planet…