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Hynova Yacht and Trust-Place launch the very first “NFT passport” for Luxury Yacht!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Hynova Yacht and Trust-Place innovate by launching the very first Digital Certificate of Ownership for Luxury Yacht in the world!

The young French ship-maker "Hynova Yachts", which promotes sustainable navigation combining luxury and environmental concerns, continues to innovate! After having launched the very first hydrogen yacht in the world, the brand now associates its ships with a “digital passport” in partnership with the French start-up Trust-Place, a world first in the field of luxury yachting!

Hynova Yacht (, after launching the world's first electro-hydrogen-powered pleasure craft, has partnered with Trust-Place ( to equip its vessels with '' a “digital passport”, a true “digital lifebook” for the boat, anchored in a latest generation Blockchain platform, tamper-proof and transferable from owner to owner.

As Chloé Zaied, founder and CEO of Hynova Yachts, explains, “our mission is not only to be a link in the change but if possible an accelerator of this change towards new modes of behavior. Our ecosystem is a precious asset that we must protect as well as possible. Hynova wishes to make a contribution to the edifice of change by offering a healthier, more environmentally friendly alternative to current "day boats" "

It is in this context that it appeared important for the brand to reinforce this desire for transparency, while insisting on the quality, technicality, personalization and specificities of each of its vessels, through a "logbook". unique and scalable digital living space, provided to each owner when purchasing one of their yachts.

The ship maker's desire is to design and market unique tender yachts that go beyond customer expectations with a constant concern not to produce any harmful, dangerous or polluting goods. But also to produce while preserving the environment and natural resources, while guaranteeing the quality and safety of products for consumers and workers.

"We are very proud to accompany Hynova Yachts in this world first" explains Didier Mattalia, co-founder of Trust-Place. “This first confirms the dynamism and spirit of innovation present in the region, but also the brand's strong desire to communicate permanently and exclusively with all its customers, around its three axes of sustainability, luxury and the technicality of its ships. ".

Each digital certificate is uniquely linked to its vessel as well as to its owner. The main information is stored in a tamper-proof and scalable way in a 3rd generation Blockchain thanks to the Trust-Place platform. These digital passports are thus available through a dedicated mobile application, and will allow customers to have easy and simple access to a whole series of elements such as the precise organization of inspection operations, information relating to inspection equipment edges, their history, their origin, their specificities, but also direct communication with the brand around unique, personalized and innovative advantages, such as the locations of magical and unique places where only this type of vessel can navigate!

«Our ships have all the assets to sail discreetly and without leaving a trace in the most beautiful places in the world”, adds Chloé Zaied. “No risk of fuel leaks or engine noise… The only releases are fresh water produced by reverse electrolysis».

In case of resale of the yacht, the certificate will automatically be transferred to the new owner, and Hynova will keep the relationship with the latter to bring him into her universe and her community, because as Chloe repeats, the brand is also at the heart of a mission “For HYNOVA, it is a question of applying the principles of sustainable development to its scale: to satisfy its present needs while allowing future generations to satisfy theirs, and to share this message. The association with Trust-Place was obvious because we really share the same values". The reseller will be able, thanks to his digital certificate, to retain or even maximize his resale value, and the buyer will be certain of the history and condition of the yacht he is going to acquire.

We are very proud of this world premiere. There is a lot of talk at the moment about digital sovereignty, Blockchain, or NFT (non-fungible token). With Trust-Place, we are gradually putting in place all these concepts - which can be complicated to understand at first glance -, in the service of very concrete and very simple use cases, but generating real value for the brands and for their clients, in increasingly varied fields” concludes Didier Mattalia.

About Hynova Yachts

HYNOVA is a unique concept, an adventure, a dream. HYNOVA was born from the aspirations of Chloé Zaied, a sailor by training who wanted to participate in the 3rd revolution, as J. Rifkin called it, that essential to life: the ecological transition. Aware that her passion, which has become her profession, boating is one of the industries that pollutes the most, Chloé Zaied wanted to take action and after much research, the hydrogen solution was imposed on her. This observation became a real project following a judicious meeting with Energy Observer Developments (R&D subsidiary of Energy Observer) who decided to make HYNOVA, its pilot project.



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