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JAARON protects its creations and sublimates their history with Digital Certificates of Ownership

The Jeweler-Creator from Marseille chose to rely on the Trust-Place solution, the leader in digital ownership.

Free to transform the jewel that we wear, the JAARON brand creates the privilege of sublimating beauty according to the desires of the moment. Combining finesse and high technicality, its models of rings, pendants and bracelets are differentiated by mobile and original systems. JAARON draws its inspiration from the story of its creator.

Jacques Djedou grew up in a family of artisan jewellers. However, he will continue his studies until the seed of the art jeweler blossoms and nourishes his soul as an artist. It was after a Parisian immersion in IT, that at the age of 32, he found the path of creation, and trained for a time in a school of jewelry. Back in Marseille, he joined his father's studio where his first creations won him the "Young Creators 2008" competition of the Ateliers d'Art de France. In early 2016, he left the family jewelry store and created JAARON, a resolutely modern art jewelry brand. Combining metals and precious stones, his first collection transports us to a universe of meaning filled with symbols illustrated by an innovative design.

Creator by nature, I chose to listen to my heart and bring my artistic soul to life by creating JAARON, my Luxury Jewelry brand” explains Jacques Djedou. “It was through FASK association (Fashion SKill), which aims to highlight the local creative wealth, that I met the company Trust-Place. I immediately hooked on their discourse and their values. I dream and model my whims in inventions, in multi-faceted jewelry, and being able to make them speak was important to me: to make them tell their beautiful stories to all their owners, wherever they buy it”. Jacques Djedou continues: “Created in an artistic and conceptual approach, my jewels are the result of an in-depth study, cerebral creations filled with meaning that stick to my skin. High-end, elegant and transformable, my creations express my inspiration to celebrate the beauty of existence as a reconnection to the miracle of life. In order to perfect my response to everyone's needs, to marvel, to make their being vibrate, I entrust my JAARON designs to specialized, high-tech workshops, contributing to the prestige of France in luxury jewelry. In line with my convictions, particular attention is paid to the use of precious metals certifying an origin in respect with human rights and the preservation of Nature”.

Each jewel is carefully engraved with a unique number during its creation. It is partly from the latter that the ownership certificate is activated. Thus, each owner is able to prove the ownership and authenticity of their property at any time and anywhere, while being in direct contact with the brand, whatever their acquisition channel.

We are very proud to collaborate with such an innovative creator as JAARON” declares Didier Mattalia, Managing Director of Trust-Place. "This is very important for us because it is the first Jeweler to offer Digital Certificates of Ownership to its customers, and thus offer them a unique proof of authenticity and ownership that allows them to retain the value of their jewels. in time. But it is also and above all a unique means of creating a whole new digital community around the JAARON brand, with exclusive communication that is established between the creator and all his customers, whether they come from distributors, from the resale or even gifts".

Each customer has the option of downloading a "digital wallet" onto their phone in which they can store their certificates, use them (by transferring them when reselling the jewel in question or when giving a gift, for example), but also communicate dynamically with the creator. JAARON can also transmit exclusive information to the various owners, whether they have directly purchased the product from the brand or not, and thus maintain a unique and exclusive relationship with them.

JAARON's first exclusive collection is available on the brand's website ( as well as in the HENESS boutiques.



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