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La Monnaie de Paris chooses Trust-Place for the digital certification of its first connected coin!

La Monnaie de Paris has chosen Trust-Place for the digital certification of the world’s first connected coin!

La Monnaie de Paris ( has just launched its first connected coin. This silver coin with a face value of €25, taken from the collection dedicated to the hundredth anniversary of the death of Gustave Eiffel, is the first ever to integrate an NFC chip. This reveals a digital certificate authenticating the characteristics of the piece, produced in partnership with the French start-up Trust-Place.

A world first!

Created by La Monnaie de Paris, the coin bearing the effigy of Gustave Eiffel is the first collector's coin to feature an NFC chip. Two years of R&D were necessary for the French institution to overcome the technical challenges anticipated for its integration. Marketed on November 27, the product initiates the digital transformation of the company born more than 1,150 years ago.

On the right side, a representation of the Eiffel Tower surrounded by works and inventions. On the front side, the face of their creator, Gustave, whose name symbolizes France in the four corners of the world. Minted in the Parisian workshops of the Monnaie de Paris on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the industrial engineer, the coin is much more modern than it appears. “It’s a world first,” assures Nicolas Dumont, marketing and communications director of the institution, referring to the NFC chip hidden under the rounded red resin pad, at the heart of the piece. “We have combined what makes the history of the Monnaie – its heritage and commemorative mission – with technology that is strong today and will be even stronger tomorrow.”

Digital certificate of ownership secured in the blockchain

Born more than two years ago, the project consisted of transforming an inert product into a communicating object. “The owner of the room flashes a QR code which serves as a tutorial, then brings his smartphone close to the NFC chip in the room to request his digital certificate and access privileged documents such as archive plans, photos or documents. videos that explain the genesis of the design and the product,” presents Audrey Duteil, product manager. Above all, the intelligent coin offers numismatists a new authentication system. “It includes a digital certificate of ownership,” she continues. In addition to traditional paper, there is an unfalsifiable digital code hosted in the blockchain. When the seller transfers the part, he will provide the buyer with full product information and title. In the event of theft, the chip could even be blocked,” indicates Julien Sabouret, head of collections.

It is the French start-up Trust-Place, already a leader in this field of digital ownership and certification, which was chosen after consultation by Monnaie de Paris to support it on this subject. “Trust-Place has quite unique know-how in digital certification, the platform already being used by prestigious French Luxury Houses. We are really delighted with this collaboration between our teams, for this unique project in the world, and a pride that is 100% “made in France” explains Pascal Rencker, director of the R&D innovation department at Monnaie de Paris.

“It is a real pride and honor for Trust-Place to have been chosen by one of the oldest and most prestigious French institutions, Monnaie de Paris, to support it in this unique digital certification project” declares Didier Mattalia, co-founder and Managing Director of Trust-Place. “Beyond the authentication of the characteristics of the part, digital certification also offers the possibility of registering on the blockchain to certify the ownership of the part, and the secure connection with the NFC chip also gives access to a selection of content dedicated to Eiffel, such as documents from the archives of the Musée d'Orsay. It’s truly revolutionary, and 100% Made-in-France! ".

A digital transformation without denying its origins!

Inaugurated with the Gustave Eiffel collection, the technology integrated into the piece sold in silver required more than 2,000 hours of R&D before being pressed in the Parisian workshops and completed in those of Pessac (Gironde).

With a patent filed, the solution opens a new chapter in the history of the oldest company in the world which is undertaking its digital transformation, without denying its origins!

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