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The artist GAT, the "Queen of colors", on all fronts, between generosity, American dream and web 3.0

GAT, the sparkling artist from Aubagne, nicknamed "The Queen of colors", thanks to the optimism and joy transported by her works, will auction one of her latest creations during the charity evening of the "Gala des Sourires” of the association “Sourire à la Vie” which will take place on Saturday October 8th in the presence of the sponsor Grand Corps Malade.

The artist, who has his head on his shoulders, already sees much further, with a coast that is beginning to be noticed on the other side of the Atlantic, and enters fully into the world of web 3.0 with Trust-Place.

“Since my exhibition in New York last summer, I have had the chance to see my works take on more and more value,” explains GAT. “I therefore decided to start protecting them and to offer my buyers the possibility of proving their authenticity and ownership anytime and anywhere, so that they can retain the value of their canvases over time".

“For this, I chose to work with Trust-Place, which is the leader in this field, and which also allows me to create a new, unique and permanent communication channel with all my clients. So I can reinforce that exclusivity and hyper-personalization with them, which is so important to me.”

As such, his latest canvas "Ballade sur la Rive" will be the first to be equipped with a digital certificate of ownership.

GAT's upcoming collection of artwork will also be available as NFTs in addition to the physical canvas, which can be purchased with the artwork or separately. All his works are to be discovered in his studio in downtown La Ciotat "GAT-ART".

9th edition of the Gala of Smiles

Charity evening in the presence of great personalities, in favor of children and adolescents with cancer. Saturday October 8, 2022 on the fabulous island of Embiez.



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