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French artist Ghisonel protects his paintings with Trust-Place NFT Certificates

At the same time, he is also launching with the help of the French startup a collection of unique NFTs on the Metaverse !

Ghisonel, the popular "movement" artist from Marseille (France), whose works are an extension of the great Provencal painters he admires, has decided to combine traditions and modernism, switching to the world of NFT and digital ownership. In his studio nestled in the heart of "Le Panier" district, Ghisonel thus became the first Marseille painter to really take the step of digital. He has chosen Trust-Place, the specialist of Digital Ownership, to accompany him on this adventure.

"Each work, each painting has a real story, its own values" explains the artist "Doubt sets in from the birth of each painting. Most of the colors are worked, combining acrylic with pigments, ochres, oxides mixed with acylic or vinyl bases; But also the walnut stain, India ink, clay, neutral earths, sands ... It was very important for me to share all these stories and these emotions when creating a canvas, and to protect, so that they last over time and over the various owners of the work ”.

Concretely, a NFC chip, with a unique identity, is affixed to the back of each canvas, in a secure and inviolable manner. Each time a painting is sold, a Digital Certificate of Ownership (NFT passport) is created and provided to the new buyer via their mobile phone. Thanks to this unique, tamper-proof digital DNA, the latter can then prove the authenticity and ownership of the work at any time and anywhere. Beyond this security, the certificate also traces the entire history of painting, its origin, its emotions, and everything the artist wanted to share through it.

"Even if the world of Luxury and Fashion remains our main sector of activity, with Ghisonel, we are expanding it a little more to enter the world of art, which has already been calling on us for some time" explains Didier Mattalia, Managing Director and Founder of Trust-Place. "As with a luxury bag, in addition to forging a unique link with the canvas and the artist, the Digital Certificate of Ownership of each work allows the owner to maintain and maximize its value over time. If the latter one day wants to resell his painting, his digital passport will follow him, and assure the new purchaser of the authenticity of the good he recovers, while allowing him to be immersed in the unique history of the product, expressed by the artist himself "

But Ghisonel does not want to stop at his traditional canvases: he also enters fully into the virtual world by offering some of his works in the form of "NFT", very fashionable at the moment, and now available through the Metaverse (fictitious virtual world on the internet, whose unique products are protected by a Blockchain system).

Trust-Place mission is to guarantee the authenticity and digital ownership of a good, whether it is physical, digital or virtual...

When I understood what the Metaverse was, this limitless virtual world, where a canvas can be exchanged, resold, displayed in a unique and dematerialized way on social networks, or recreated in his living room while keeping its authenticity, I immediately imagined sharing my stories and my passion even more widely, making Provence known all over the world, and imagining new concepts, between the real and the virtual, which speak to generations of 'today ".

"The mission of Trust-Place is to guarantee the authenticity and digital ownership of a good, while creating a unique and timeless link between the Brand - or the person - who produced it, and all its different owners at over time. Whether it is physical, digital or virtual… ”continues Didier Mattalia. "Our goal is to be able to help all kinds of players, whether they are large Luxury Houses, high-end or premium brands, or smaller players. The Trust-Place platform is based on an "agnostic" Blockchain component, which allows us to easily work with any system in place, existing or future. We have been in demand for some time now by actors in the art world, such as auctioneers, auction houses, or creators themselves. We are very proud to accompany an artist like Ghisonel on this great adventure, and to bring Digital Property into the art world with Trust-Place! » concluded Didier Mattalia.

Check unique NFT Ghisonel gallery :



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